One Platform
Build For Multiple Use Cases

One Platform
Build For Multiple Use Cases

Built Meaningful Conversations with a Purpose-Driven Approach Using Our Dashboard.
Analyze, Arrange and Adapt Based on User’s inputs.

Lead Generation

With AI and automation being the future, Use gamified conversations to draw your users to share their information willingly and increase your lead generation rate.

Customer Support

Offer support to your customers 24/7. Automate level 1 and level 2 support using RDOOD and free your live agents’ time so they can handle complex cases solely.


Schedule and reschedule appointments effortlessly & efficiently by syncing your calendar with Rdood and customizing your availability exactly for your needs.

Ordering & Booking

You can now let users order food, shop from your E-commerce store and much more
using RDOOD In between conversations and increase your revenues.

Your Audience and
Turn Them to Customers

Build deeper and more profitable relationships with your business page visitors by fulfilling their needs in real-time 24/7.
This is done by:

Advance your business with data

Rdood offers reliable reports to track and optimize your chatbots' performance.
Take your business decisions based on real data.

See All Chats

Track the total number of chats between Rdood and users.

Discover the busiest period

Use the heatmap to find out when your users are the most active.

Track the number of user messages

Understand what's the average engagement in the chat

Review popular interactions

Check which topics repeat the most to see where your users’ interests lie.

Track the number of users

See how many users chat with your chatbot.

Learn about average number of chats

The average number of messages sent to your chatbot shows you the trend in the length of a typical chat.

RDOOD is your first choice for
creating unique, simple chatbots!

Improved Marketing Activities

With “RDOOD” you will be able to build a huge customer base that can be exploited to improve your future activities.

Easy to Use

Using “RDOOD” doesn’t require any technical skills. It’s designed to meet all needs with the simplest steps.


No need for any codes to connect “RDOOD” to your Facebook, all you need is a few clicks to activate and use it.


Don’t worry about your customer data. Security is our top priority. We adopt highly reliable security standards.


Connect RDOOD with
your favorite tools and apps

Give your support team
a helping hand

Incorporate Rdood into your support strategy to relieve your team from performing mundane tasks.
Present them with an AI productivity booster that helps create well-balanced support services.