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Conversational AI Chatbot to Acquire, Engage & Support Customers.

What is RDOOD

RDOOD is a software that simulates human-like conversations with users via chat. Its key task is to answer user questions with instant messages.

Why is RDOOD a perfect solution?

A unique technical system through which you can have a smart channel for your business that displays all your products using all social networking sites

An artificial intelligence responder that automatically recognizes all customer requests

The customer can know all the products available in the store and add the products to the shopping cart, and RDOOD helps the user to find his order easily

Why you choose RDOOD?

Over 50+ Integrations with your favorite platforms

Are you often distracted by messages from clients and potential customers on social media? Don't worry, this suffering is over.
Connect all your social media channels with RDOOD and take advantage of advanced automation.
With unlimited record keeping and unified messaging, you get the full picture of everyone you talk to.

Out How RDOOD Fits Your Niche

Four big numbers tell one big

Story about RDOOD

1 M
Message sent every month
50 +
powerful omni-channel platform
2 K+
businesses choose Rdood to grow
80 +
countries use Rdood across the world

Core Metrics

Track Important Metrics, Patterns, and Download Reports for Detailed Analysis.

Chat Analytics

All the Analytics You Need to Analyze Drop Off Points in the Bot Flow and Improve Engagement.

Live Chat Analytics

Track Conversations, Ratings and Bot to Agent Engagement Rates to Maximize Efficiency.

Real Time Analytics

Monitor Live Agents in Real-Time to Ensure Compliance & Quality Conversations.

Rdood Mobile App

Integrate SmratBot into Your Mobile Application to be Available 24/7 to Resolve Customer Issues.

Assign conversations

Assign the conversations to team members. You can track all the progress.

Live chat support

You will be able to talk to your customer right in the mobile apps.

Engaged with customer anytime

You can send template messages (WhatsApp) or Message tags messages, or even reply to the user through SMS & email directly.

Easy manage contacts & orders

Easy to manage subscribers data & switch between workspaces & chatbots.

Easy Switch

You can easily switch between inbox/done folder, and pause or resume automation.

Push notifications

Seamless integrate with UChat flow builder. Receive push notification of various events.

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Empowering Businesses to Treat Their
Customers like a VIP

So your millionth customer feels like your first

Library of Template
Connect to +12 channels
Login and Connect
Library of Template
Connect to +12 channels
Login and Connect

All your doubts, answered.

If you're hesitating, or trying a chatbot platform for the first time,
do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.

A chatbot can serve as your customer service department's initial point of contact and address common queries. Customers can get assistance from it 24/7 and through various means of communication.

No, we do not have a free plan but we offer a 14-day free trial where you get access to the entire dashboard and complete customer support.

Yes, with Rdood you do not need to copy and paste or even rewrite the questions manually, our chatbot solutions allow you to download/import the list of frequently asked questions automatically, your chatbot will provide automatic and immediate answers through the support questions from the list of frequently asked questions.

Rdood System, which is artificial intelligence and a unique technical solution that enables you to have a smart channel for your business through which you provide all your services using all social media sites
- An artificial intelligence responder that recognizes all customer requests Rdood solutions completely eliminate the high cost of building an integrated online store, as they provide all the advantages of the store through a better and smarter experience.
- The user can know all the products available in the store and add the products to the shopping cart, and the user's responses also help him find his order easily
- 82% of consumers claim that prompt responses to their questions are very important when contacting brands. - 65% of consumers feel comfortable dealing with problems without human intervention

You can contact us through the live chat widget in the bottom right of our website, or you can send us a message at
[email protected]
or +964 781 955 6464

  • Gaining the trust and friendliness of your customers quickly, due to the immediate response by starting a conversation with new visitors.
  • Understanding your customers’ needs more deeply, providing you with a huge database about them.
  • Handling complex problems, due to the provision of prompt and appropriate support.
  • Increasing sales, due to prompt response to customer inquiries and attention to their needs.
  • Enhancing communication with your customers, due to the quick reaction to their comments and messages.

A chatbot performs several tasks such as:

  • Automatically welcoming new visitors.
  • Responding to their comments and inquiries.
  • Sending offers and discounts to existing users.
    Replying to specific keywords.
  • Instant replying to any customer at any time, automated chat is available 24/7.
  • Understanding customers effectively as a result of collecting their data.
  • Saving customer service costs.

A traditional or live chat is a conversation between two parties of individuals, the business owner, and the customer.
On the other hand, a chatbot is a conversation carried out by chatbots created specifically to do the job, but it is distinguished from traditional chat by its quick, instant, and accurate response.

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